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NameChanger ver 1.0 – OllyDbg plugin

I recently returned to an idea of an OllyDbg plug-in which would provide functionality similar like in an IDA related with inter alia :changing name of functions or setting more readable form for global variables. I think that the best … Continue reading

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Windows LongPaths – extended-length paths

Maybe you are one of persons who belived for this moment that maximal length of path in Windows is equal to MAX_PATH ( 260 signs). Nothing further from the truth !!!. In document which you can download below I have … Continue reading

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Old PHP Advisory

During vacations 2009 together with Gynvael Coldwind and j00ru we have been searching for a potential bugs in PHP, but it wasn’t a typical bughunt;). You can read about all details from this even on Gynvael’s blog. Package contains the … Continue reading

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GMER Buffer overflow 0day

During some research which results I’m going to publish in near future, I discovered a bug in a gmer win32 application causes a buffer overflow. (un)Fortunatelly because of existing security cookies in code and it’s character near function where BO … Continue reading

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LapSec – Hispasec

More info you can find here:

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Logical bug in GMER

Messing a little bit recently with a gmer’s code I discovered logical bug which can cause abnormal behavior of an random applications. Our object of interest will be the newest gmer’s driver on day 22.07.2010. FileVersion : 1, 0, 15, … Continue reading

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VBox,Virtual PC,VMware i IDT Hooking

It’s gonna be quite light version of post about “anomaly” which I had pleasure to notice during tests of IDT hooking under virtual machines mentioned in this post title. Why light? Because in order to present all details related with … Continue reading

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