NameChanger – OllyDbg plugin

[+]About NameChanger
The Plugin provides similar functionality to this one provided in IDA under ‘N'(Rename) key what means functionality related with changing name of functions or setting more readable form for global variables.

[+]Hot Key
‘ (single-quote)

[+]How to use it?
Let’s we say that we want to change a name of CALL from a default one represented by address to more readable for us. We choose a line in a disassembly window where interesting for us CALL is located:

next RMB and we choose Change value:

In visible below window we put proposed by us new name and then confirm it via an ENTER or a Set button:

Obtained effect looks as follows:

[+]Proposed uses
Below you can find probably all possible places in a disassembler where plug-in can be use:

004012D7   .  E8 EC110000      CALL Project2.004024C8
004012D7   .  E8 EC110000      CALL <Project2.some_call>

004012F5      E9 1E120000      JMP Project2.00402518
004012F5      E9 1E120000      JMP <Project2.some_jump>

==Global variable==
004012FC   .  A0 71304000      MOV AL,BYTE PTR DS:[403071]
004012FC   .  A0 71304000      MOV AL,BYTE PTR DS:[<g_variable>]

0040135F   .  FF35 7F304000    PUSH DWORD PTR DS:[40307F]
0040135F   .  FF35 7F304000    PUSH DWORD PTR DS:[<g_variable>]


Plug-in can be downloaded from here : NameChanger 1.1

NameChanger 1.1

[Removed] Annoying sound appears after pressing RETURN key.
[Added] Hot Key
[Added] Possibility to edit existing name/value.

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